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I could not describe what I am doing on this website better than with words of Warren Buffett:

_I learn while I think when I write it out. Some of the things I think I think, I find don’t make any sense when I start trying to write them down and explain them to people. You ought to be able to explain why you’re taking the job you’re taking, why you’re making the investment you’re making, or whatever it may be. And if it can’t stand applying pencil to paper, you’d better think it through some more._ Warren Buffett

So, this personal web page is a test of my thinking. I want to share with you my experiences and thoughts about investing, psychology and philosophy in writing. In my Blog section you’ll find my posts about topics which I find important and interesting for me. And for you, dear Reader, I hope that these posts will add some value and insights to your decision making in life and in the world of intelligent investing. Intelligent investing I understand as is an ability which suffices for living well.

_Study Psychology to understand Economics
Study Economics and Philosophy to be FREE_
Wisdom Theory

During my life (I’m married male, 47 years young in 2021) I started reading books as soon as I was able to read and never stopped doing that; after finishing secondary school in my birthplace Kaunas, I studied economics and finance at two universities in Kaunas and Berlin; I also earned the right to use CFA charter next to my name on the business card. How to apply all this theoretical luggage in praxis I’ve learned, in the beginning, at my father’s travel business; I did internships at prominent Lazard Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH and Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt/M; and I worked in a nice small financial consulting company in Berlin.

In 2007 I joined as a partner a value investing partnership Prudentis in Vilnius, where I currently work as an investment portfolio co-manager. I am also a business angel and I am a member of local start-up community LitBan in Vilnius. So during the last almost 20 years I was dealing with the money management in real terms, and this is why I dare to talk about investing on this web page.
Having said that, I want to add that sitting in the office has a huge advantage – one has more than enough time for reading. So in psychology I read works of S. Freud, C.G. Jung, J. Piaget, J.B. Peterson and others; in philosophy (I wanted to know what our world is all about) I was mainly inspired by works of Russell BertrandHanna ArendtLudwig Wittgenstein and, at most, by Alan Watts and David Deutsch.
My favorite contemporaries in the investment world are Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Naval Ravikant, Guy SpierJoel Greenblatt among many others.

One more thing. I am a person who does not like people who look too serious. Seriousness is one of the human traits which I find does way more harm than benefit. So in my writings I try to insert a healthy load of un-seriousness. Better be sincere, than serious. But please don’t let me be misunderstood: unserious does not mean I do not take my doings for granted. Instead of “I’m being serious”, I’d rather use “I focus my attention to..” That’s why we have “an eye” on the website – it is not God’s eye, it is “paying attention”.

I’m concerned and I try to write about following topics:

  1. Being in transition means many changes: how my quality of life will be or can be affected by what I do?
  2. What other actions except writing itself can consistently improve my writing? Make writing a habit?
  3. How do I measure my performance and progress? How do I know that I am actually good at what I do?
  4. Many people think of the investor’s profession as “making rich people richer”. I want that also a simple guy makes intelligent investing decisions. How should I address that?
  5. Has value investing style become old-fashioned in the age of technology?
  6. How exactly reading fiction and science-fiction books can improve my decision making in life and investing?
  7. How can I push myself and reflect on my weaknesses without descending into self-pity?
  8. How to stay motivated throughout life in personal and in professional domains?
  9. How can I communicate investment advice so that it benefits a broader audience, which happens to be inexperienced and too risk-averse?
  10. How can I channel my curiosity into productive content creation?
  11. What’s the one thing I can do today, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?
  12. Do investors create value if the majority of active investors earn lower returns than the index (passive investing)?


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